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These are Stainless Steel hollow tube assembled with hub and cap. It is manufactured in compliance with KFDA(equivalent to ISO) standard using state-of-the art technology that ensures excellent sharpness of the point. The cannulas are grinded using different bevels making it have chamfered end, 3 bevel with side grinding and free of burrs.

Samples can be made available on demand

Delivery time is immediate to 30 days depending on availability of product.

Details of Products

Gauge Length
16 G 32 mm
18 G 32 mm
  44 mm
20 G 32 mm
21 G 32 mm
  38 mm
  44 mm
22 G 32 mm
  38 mm
23 G 32 mm
24 G 32 mm

Hypodermic needle

We are currently supplying unsterilized bulk needles in 1 inches and 1.5 inches properly intact with hub and safety cap of the best quality in various sizes

Currently we are offering needles in 1” and 1.5” for all sizes from 18G to 26G.

Hub material:   Polypropylene
Needle Material- Stainless steel
Safety Feature- with Safety
Sterility –  Not Sterilized
Usage- Disposable

ISO 6009:2016 establishes a colour code for the identification of single-use hypodermic needles. We at Danadil strictly comply with these colour codes for manufacturing.


These are plastic components of needle made through injection molding. Currently we are offering all sizes from 18G to 26G in both 1” and 1.5”.

PackagingPlastic bags
Product TypeDisposable Needle Hub